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Since the 1969, Simer has been focused on clear objectives; to provide our clients with the highest quality products with maximum requirements for design and innovation. We manufacture and supply windows, doors, blinds and facade systems, and have presented many of these across Slovenia and abroad. 

With 20 years experience in the window and door business we ensure the quality, technology and attractive design of our products. We maintain this high level with constant optimisation of processes, uniting experience and innovation. 

Why choose products and services from Simer:

  • We offer you everything in one place so you don't have to look for multiple suppliers. 
  • Our team of experts will kindly advise and assist in your selection. 
  • We pride ourselves on a long tradition of producing aluminium and PVC windows and doors. 
  • Our aluminium and PVC windows and doors are distinguished for a unique prize/quality ratio.
  • Windows and doors are manufactured from top-level profiles which have an exceptionally long life and have outstanding insulation properties. 
  • The windows and doors are equipped with anti-burglary hardware and a selection of various security glass types. 
  • We have modern, computer-controlled production which allows us to guarantee short lead-times for customised windows and doors.
  • Ecologically safe production and recycling of redundant and obsolete materials. 
  • All windows and doors are installed by experienced teams across Slovenia. 
  • We provide a 10-year guarantee for PVC elements. 

Our beautiful world

Celje's Castle is situated on top of a hill, right above the city. The castle gives you the opportunity to have an astonishing view of Celje and its surroundings. 


Integrated Doors and Windows

Challenging all concepts of what we know as a door today, Centor has integrated doors, screens, shades and hardware as one, to create a new category of Integrated Doors that connect you with the world outside without the compromises.

The innovative built-in screens and shades provide unprecedented versatility, allowing control of insects, sunlight and privacy so you can enjoy inside-outside all year round. They retract out of sight when not in use, maintaining the clean lines of your living space. Hardware is hidden so you can be sure that nothing will obscure the views out to your garden.

Centor Integrated Doors operate with fingertip ease. They are child-friendly and simple to use – operate the insect screen with one hand, while carrying a tray of drinks in the other.

Each Centor Integrated Door is custom-made using the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. The Integraed Range includes Folding, Sliding, French and Windows. Personalise yyour door or window by selecting the wood species and paint finish, along with the pattern and colour of your shade. Contact Simer today to discuss your Centor Integrated Door.

Discover more in the Centor Integrated Doors brochure.



With a showroom in Celje, we have developed a reputation in the products and services of premium. Visit us today, with the help of our experienced and helpful staff select the ideal window or door for your project.

We have trained professionals ready to help you with any questions regarding the product or its installation. We also have our own team of professional fitters who will fit the windows and doors will fit them in each project. Products purchased from Simer are also covered by the warranty and provided by our service personnel.


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